Friday, April 05, 2013

The House of Maggie

Check out this precious 'cottage' that Maggie has on the east coast.  It is historical in that it was built in 1925.

I was very surprised at it's spaciousness because Maggie always describes it as a little cottage.  This is the living room with lots of light and a fireplace.

I fell in love with the kitchen; it's what I would have if I wasn't so anal about empty surfaces.  It has such a homey feel.

The master bedroom is gorgeous and I just wanted to jump on the bed.

This is the guest room that Micky used.  Kathy used the office/guest room downstairs but I neglected to take a picture of it and it's adjoining bath.

This is Maggie's son's room when he and his wife visit.  By the end of three days, I was calling it my room.  It too has a adjoining bath.  There are four baths in this house that is eighty eight years old.  I am guessing there were some add ons at one time or another but you really can't tell.

This is the dining room.  It's hard to make out the wonderful light fixture due to the light streaming in.

This is a quilt hanging in the hall that I just happened to make.

This is the darling back yard.  There is also a double garage, a hippy room (screened in porch) and a tv room.  The house is a dream.  It is just perfect.  If it were mine, I would never leave!


Robbie said...

It looks so inviting!!! I've give up my hubby (but not my dog!) for this oasis! OK, maybe not my hubby 12 months out of the year...but for a get-away, this is great!!!


Love the decor. It is all so beautiful.

Miracles said...

Maggie's house is dreamy chic. It screams, "Maggie."