Saturday, April 20, 2013

What a Hoot

The reality is that fake owls do keep birds away; you know, those pesky ones that leave poop all over your deck while building a nest in the beams of your upper deck?
One house of ours had a problem with a woodpecker seeing his reflection in a half moon window we had over our bed and would peck us awake everyday.  We got a fake owl but he could still see his reflection and didn't stop pecking.  The solution?  We sprayed the window with that snow stuff that shopkeepers spray in their windows for snow effect around the Christmas holidays.  That did the trick; but I personally know that the bird problem can be rectified by an owl.

Do you see the owl perched on the middle of the walkup to this house?

He happens to be the real deal.  We have a neighborhood owl that lives in the same tree where we have seen many a bald eagle being born.  I have named him Howl.  I have never seen him in the eagles nest but perched close to it on a tree limb.  While I was out and about on my golf cart I looked over at house that is being taken down in order to build a new house and there he was.  It's not even a half a block from his tree.  I am such a nature lover, don't ya think?