Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yard Party

I am excited because I just signed up to work my stint in the SAQA booth for the Chicago IQA show at the end of June!  I love to meet new friends in the quilting world.

We are going on a girls trip for an early dinner tonight on a boat to The Lazy Flamingo.  It's nice and hot here so that is a perfect way to cool down.

Let's get back to the garden tour.  I have saved the best for last.  Outdoor art; I love it.  Oh and thanks Beth. for the info on the chain I had in yesterdays blog.  It is called a rain chain and is an alternative downspout that can also supply soothing noise when it rains; kind of like a wind chime except activated by water.  It makes perfect sense.

This water feature goes from one flower to another and ultimately another.  I love the sound on the copper.

This praying mantis fits well into it's environment; maybe a calmer green and you wouldn't even see it! I just looked them up; they are closest to  the termite and cockroach family.  Yikes!

This water wall is vey calming in it's sound.  You can actually place the little stones in other positions to affect the sounds!

This elephant (which is bigger than me!) was carved out of a single piece of teak wood.  Oh! except for the tusks!
I love the character in these little heads that are surrounded by these beautiful foxtail ferns. They are definitely my favorite fern.   That is, except for

a staghorn fern.  This one was started in 1982 and is twice as big as me.  It is a sight to behold.  I wanna get me some of these.

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