Thursday, May 30, 2013

Downtown, as done by Petula Clark

I head across the country (not but it feels like it!) for a visit to my derma guy. Always fun to get down to your underwear with a paper robe on that doesn't protect you from the freezing air conditioning. Full body check; looking forward to it.
Micky, Me and Jayne,   You are thinkin', yeah, they called each other ahead of meeting up so that we could coordinate our clothing choices.  Well, believe it or not, it was just dumb luck it turned out the way it did.

Our 'cheap' room was very nice.

Cute touches like these maid signs
caught my attention.

Someone was very clever.

This is a bad picture but can you see that the front desk base is made completely out of old suitcases?

And this breakfast bar/bar has a base made of old file cabinets.  The drawers even open!  When no one was looking I tried them!

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Cindra said...

Of course you did! That's what I love about you. I would have been covering your back while you peeked.