Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gifts For The Girls

Look at this precious picture I got showing the gift baskets that Peter got from his fellow employees for both Violet and Charlotte.  The picture was taken on the top of the car!

This is the completed quilt that I made for Charlotte.

Here is the section where I put her name.  I did it by cutting out vinyl letters on the Cricut and then sticking them on the fabric and drawing around the letter and then stitching on the drawn lines.  It shows up in person much better than it does in this picture.

For Violet, I made her a match game.  I figured that at her young age now she

can scramble the squares together and then try and match the like fabrics.  She desperately needs to start acquiring a love for fabric.  When she gets a little

older she can place them face down and try and and match them from memory (like that old 'Match Game' on TV.

I made her a little 'top kit' carrier for her match game components.  I made one of the side loop attachments longer so that she could hold onto it easily.

They all]l fit comfortably inside.  She will get a kick out of it.


Robbie said...

What a great idea on the 'matching' fabric cards!!! You are a clever and great grandma!!! Love the quilt too for Charlotte!!
And you'd be proud of me! I'm about 75% finished with my 12"x12"!! Yipppee....of course, it might still take me four weeks to finish! :)

dee said...

So adorable! and I love those names so much. Violet will have fun with the match cards.

I didn't have time to write yesterday but wanted to tell you questionaire made me laugh.. and, sadly, was very near the truth.

Turning 65 in less than a month- hate getting the mail lately. It's always some crap from Medicare or AARP and now I'm getting e-mail from elder care & hospice...say what??
I guess the interwebs have tagged me an old bat....sigh.