Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hostile Territory

This is insane.  There are more non domestic animals in my neighborhood
than dogs.  I do not live in the country.  I live on Lake Shore Drive.

This fat deer hasn't missed a meal (hosta) and gives Bella lots to bark at (giving me a headache).

They play on my beach, running and going in an out of the water, just like little kids.

And we have our share of foxes too.  They just sit in the middle of the road, or run by you with a squirrel in their mouths, readying dinner for the babies.  There is no letting the dogs on the beach for a run without us any more.  There are coyotes too.  Yikes, what's going on?

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Claudia said...

I have deer in my front and backyard on a daily basis. I live on a cul-de-sac in suburbia. They walk up and down our street with their family of 4 or 5. Soon they will be categorized as "domestic" animals. Did I mention they eat my newly purchased flowers in my pots within 24 hours of purchase. I've tried all of the sprays and unlike the label, they seem to enjoy "coyote urine"!