Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mystery Block

I happened to see this at a quilt shop

and loved the inside section where you used a paper pieced block and turned it while arranging it so that a cool swirl came about.  I am not a fan of the chicklets around the edge tho'; way to busy.
The individual block is seen here.  Has any one seen it or know the name of the block?

I did a quick draw of the block but I know I would have to be much more concise before I could use it.
There comes a time when I lose interest, ya know?  I think it would make a great table runner.

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dee said...
Here's the link Tommy. I made a quilt out of the blocks in the circle pattern. Batiks on black background. Can't show you since it rests in the POD where we stored all our stuff for the construction.
This is a very cool way to set the blocks. I may have to make another.