Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Seven Up

Sometime in the early spring a group of us got together to make and exchange 12" blocks to increase our collection that started with the SAQA Silent Auction.  I started to blog my progress of my part in the exchange but then quit; it was awhile before the deadline and I was gently reprimanded due to my over ambitiousness  (I can't believe I spelled that right!) ; therefore, I still completed the task but did not acknowledge it.  Until now.  I have gotten the word that all of my group has received my block and they are busy doing their own.

The first part of the making of the 12" block can be found here ,

This is the continuation.  After the freezer paper patterns were made, I ironed them onto my fabric leaving a 1/4" around the edges that I brushed with spray starch and ironed to the back.  I then taped them on in the correct order (I did all of them in order from bottom 'rock' to top) and applipieced (a Caryl Fallert term) them down.

Because I was doing seven identical blocks, I did each part on each quilt in order and the time just sped by.

After sewing them down, I turned it around to the back and cut out the background fabric and removed the freezer paper.  I always try and cut away the fabric to minimize shadowing.
When all the components were done I put backing and backing together and did my quilting around the 'rocks' and the sides.

I then chose where I wanted my machine quilting.

In the remaining spots and the 'rocks' I did hand stitching.

Here is a close up of that.  I put on a facing on each and called it a day.

It was a fun project and I will be happy to do it again.  Interested?


Irene said...

Oh I never meant my comment as a reprimand. More of a kick to get mine going. I totally admire your stick-to-itness. Mine are about 1/2 done, and at the I'm stuck stage. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!

Robbie said...

I thought I'd get some sewing done on my 'grandma' week watch! BUT....who knew a 13 & 10 year old could wear me out! I was in bed the 1st night @ 9:45 and 10 last night! Gee, at this rate I might stay up until 10:15...we get to sleep in tomorrow! Love my 12"x12" from you...I'm about 75% finished with my five blocks (mine is already finished! he he).