Friday, May 10, 2013


Bella was only at the vets on Wednesday for teeth cleaning for three hours! I was shocked that it was so fast seeing as that they put her under and had her totally alert and feisty when I picked her up. Thankfully I hadn't headed out for the Apple store yet; the sprinkler guys were opening up the system for the season and they needed access to the house water. I never did get to the Apple store. I am so used to rebooting that it's as if it were the way it has always been!!!

Anyway, Bella is six years old and they pulled two of her teeth!  Mazy died at 16 1/2 and never had a tooth pulled. And my vet is still the same guy (younger than me, if you can believe that!)  One of Bella's teeth, a front big one has been broken off to the gum line for a couple years.  One of the part time vets that was filling in at the time told me about it and said that it wasn't infected or anything and just to leave well enough alone.  The major vet disagreed (money possibly?)
So he pulled it and also a back tooth that was split completely through the root.  Bella likes to munch on rocks, I guess.  The doc gave me the teeth and also, when I went to the office to retrieve Bella, the main vet came out with his iPhone and showed me pictures of the teeth before they were pulled.  I love technology; at least if it isn't making me crazy!  My girl is on pain meds (the syringe orally for three days) and an antibiotic, for just in case.  The way she's acting, you would think she went to the spa for three hours.  I have not seen one iota of change in her.  That's my gal!

And, in between long walks on the beach with Bella, I have managed to quilt four out of the seven scrap quilts.   One is on the machine and two are waiting in the queue.  My feet are mad at me.

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Frog Quilter said...

Just ignore your feet! Congrats on the quilting!