Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weak Wino

Check this out that was sent to G and me.  I laughed out loud at the last paragraph.  Still, it's true. But am I willing to put in the time?  Nah.

Clearly this sign was made for a past Mother's Day because yesterday was the thirteenth and Mother's Day was the day before.  I like the whole premise tho'.

This was clearly printed for a friend of mine and you know who you are!
This reminds me of a visit to D.C. when my daughter was in law school and we were visiting and meeting her new boyfriend (now husband Evan) and they gifted me a wine glass that held a whole bottle.  I stashed it in the car and when we got ready to leave, I hopped in the car and sat on the box and broke the glass!  Very good impression to leave, wouldn't you say?
It's true; I can fill up with about $20 but my tank takes $80!

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