Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Progress

I had these photos on the blog this morning but ran out of time to type anything because I had to go to Chicago and after having a 10 o'clock appointment, I am just now getting home.

We girls had a great weekend and got a lot accomplished.  For some reason I don't have Mike's work documented.  Maybe because she mostly cut out the parts to a new quilt top and didn't get enough done to show progress.  I should talk.  I will have to take pictures of what I did over the weekend at a later date.

Jean Ann made these adorable 'dop kits' for her granddaughters.  I think she ended up with seven.  I made one too, and will have to take a picture of it.
Jean Anne also put this block together to choose a color palette for a new quilt.
Anne actually started this in Florida when she was visiting me and got so busy with tax season (she's a CPA) that this was the first time she had time to get back to it.

You can see in this section that it is based around a center square.
This is the same pattern that she had already made using floral fabric.  This one hangs over her home office desk.  I have to make one.  I love it.

Peggy (and yesterday was her birthday!!!!) put together lots of blocks using a set of gorgeous Moda fabrics that were in a layer cake.  She made lots more than this picture shows.  She also worked on her grandson, Kieran's "I Spy" quilt.

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