Wednesday, May 01, 2013

What An Inducement

We head into the city for our part in watching Violet while Mom and Dad go to the hospital to have baby numero two induced. She is two weeks late and Maria has had enough. She has done all sorts of things to get the labor started; castor oil, (which landed her in the hospital for dehydration), and acupuncture among other things.  The kid is very happy to be right where she is.

So, this is what a big sister looks like.  She climbed out of her crib a couple days ago (piling up every thing she could reach to make a hill).  She must know that the baby is coming soon. When asked if she wants a little sister she get mad and says NO!  Does this child look like she get mad?


maggie z. said...

well, hmmm....she IS a redhead after all.....i say yes...but not for long!

carol said...

I gotta say, I want those curls!