Tuesday, May 07, 2013

What's Up Doc?

I didn't blog yesterday. I have been having major problems with my computer. The little prism circle (usually meaning that I am going faster than the computer can process) is spinning around a good part of the day and I have to reboot and then the computer is only up for a bit.
Tomorrow Bella gets her teeth cleaned and I have to have her at her vets in Michigan at 7 a.m. so I am gonna take a visit to the Apple store in South Bend while I have the whole day.  Maybe they can figure the spinning circle out for me.  Plus, I didn't turn off my camera and so the battery needed charging and I couldn't download my pictures of what else transpired after the card making over the weekend..

Plus, sadly 'Jill' quit on me.  I will miss all the drama of the three of them happily working together (grandmother, daughter and newborn).  It'll be like yet another soap opera saying adieu.

Okay, here's what we did this past weekend.  While watching the food network religiously

I pieced the backings for seven scrap quilts I have pieced together in the last year.  I put a border on each of them and readied the bindings.

Yesterday I managed (between a walk on the beach and a nap) to get the first one on the long arm.  I will finish it today.

My sis completed piecing this delightful design
as well as sewing it together and completing some of the sashing.  All in all, a very productive weekend!

Oh, and no blog tomorrow.  I don't get up at six am for anybody; not even you!!!!!

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