Sunday, May 26, 2013

Who Knew?

Check out the birth announcement for Charlotte.  She doesn't seem at all interested in her big photo opp.  She is a very easy baby.  I fed her her first bottle on her third week old birthday.  Baby steps, ya know?

My dear pal Dee McDonald was johnny on the spot yesterday in showing me the website for the mystery block I posted yesterday.    Here it is.

If I scanned the web for the rest of my life I would have never made the connection that this picture on the top (with black background)  was made from the same pattern as yesterday's blog.  Thanks Dee.

Also, this is freaky.  About three or four years ago, my quilter friends, Anne, Jean Ann and Peggy, along with me decided to do a 12" block exchange.  Of course, being me, I had them done within a few months.  Peggy followed suit and distributed hers in a timely fashion.  Anne and Jean Ann?  Not so much.  Finally after two years I gave them an ultimatum.  Come for your Florida visit with my 12" blocks or don't come.  (I think back and wonder if I would have stuck to my threat.  I'd like to think that I wouldn't have but I won't tell them that!)  They complied but Peggy still hasn't gotten her blocks from Anne or Jean Ann.  We were doing the 12" block tease last weekend when they were here but it doesn't seem to faze them.  Still no 12" blocks came to pass.  That is, until returning home on Sunday eve, (Peggy's birthday) and Jean Ann surprised Peggy with her 12" block.  And you aren't gonna even believe it but it is made from this very same paper pieced block!  I received a pic of it last Monday and never made the connection.

I think you can click on this block and see the great quilting!

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dee said...

That's so cool Tommy. My quilt is 9 blocks and the same color way. Now I can't wait to get the POD back and unearth some of my long ago UFOs
Hope you have a great Memorial Day.
It finally stopped raining but still chilly here.

May I just say that Charlotte(in love with your grands names)is the bomb!