Thursday, May 02, 2013

Who's On First?

No baby yet. Peter and Maria left for a 10 o'clock appointment yesterday morning for inducing the baby and Peter told us at 1 o'clock they were called in from the waiting room. This is a pregnant woman that is fifteen days late. There has been no progress as of this morning.  Yikes. I am glad I am old.

 Okay, I have two pictures I took yesterday morning.  My problem is deciding this morning which one I like better.  They are both white,

they both eat; one electricity and one dog food.  They both make noise, as the new Diamond has music when it opens itself up.

Maybe if I put a little blue scarf or hat on Bella it wouldn't be such a toss up.  She sure knew that there
was a new girl in the house!  I am calling the new girl  'Lil'.

I am very impressed with Husqvarna Viking.  Unlike Sony, and Apple to name the big ones, they did not change the feet or the bobbins or most of the other small equipment from model to model.  That is a major cost saving.  And frankly, a major saving of my time in learning the how of all the little things I need to know to successfully run a machine.  It seems that all I need is the new clear plastic insert to fit around the machine for my table, and a single stitch throat plate which no machine comes with but is my plate of choice.  I was considering a dual feed foot but then why do I have the Janome ( I call her Jan)?  Another girl in the studio would be slighted, so I have decided against it.

I love the new machine.  Life would be perfect if little Charlotte would come  today.  But I could be selfish and wish Maria didn't give birth until tomorrow and then the baby and I would share a birthday!  Hey, it's all about me, after all.


Connie in Alabama said...

Love my Designer SE! Glad to see someone else is a Viking fan. Not too many of us at the Barn.

dee said...

Big Viking fan here as well. I'm still using my Platium 750 that my husband bought me around 8-9 years ago. That thing is a work horse and I'm ashamed to say I really abuse it. Due for a cleaning about 2 years ago.
Can't believe that little darling hasn't shown up yet. At least you've got adorable company. How great would it be to have the same birthday!! Wishing you a happy one either way.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Another Viking fan - but, you might want to look at the Viking interchangable dual feed foot, you can change from 1/4" piecing foot to stitch-in-the-ditch to zig zag, etc. Pricy foot, but I use it so much.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I am a Viking and a Janome fan. I have had 3 or 4 Vikings and have 3 Janomes.
Only Bernina is a serger and you have to stand on your head and recite the Gettysburg address to get it threaded right! when it's threaded right it's fabulous.