Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Tribute

Okay, yesterday's blog is gone. From the talk I have gotten, it was up for maybe an hour yesterday morn and then it was confiscated; from whom? I have no clue but I blogged as usual and actually got a couple emails in regards to it and then later in the afternoon my girlfriend asked me why I didn't blog
(not uncommon) and I said I did and da di da di da, it was gone.  Speaking of that, there are a million text's and emails that are floating around in cyberspace that I was to have received or one's that I have definitely sent.  What's up with that?

Some things that I do are so humiliating that I should be embarrassed to comment on.  This is one of them and frankly, if I were younger I probably wouldn't share.  Ah, to be old!
My BFF wanted some specialized wall art in her University of Indiana room (the one with the red leather couch).  She described what she wanted as a wall quilt with the I U insignia (Indiana University)and the three years that her three children graduated from there on it.  Okay, I can do this.

Two days later, after trying and trying and then giving up before trying again to get the embroidery part of my new sewing machine to work, I noticed a red plastic piece

that wasn't part of my old machine (and predecessor or the current model)
So, on closer inspection and going through some verbiage that was in with the packing info (yeah, it took me a month to unpack it all; if I am not gonna use the parts yet, why waste my time?)
I realized that this red thing is for packing purposes only and the two days of hell I have put it through(which was to be one of those things to be removed when opening (it's a stabilizer  thingy) and I chewed up the one short side (on the top) and probably could have ruined the whole thing if I tried one more time to get it to work.
Then it was like heaven, and worked like a charm.  I first put the dates on the background so if I screwed that up I didn't have a lot of other time invested in it

Then I satin stitched the I U emblem on it and pinned it for quilting.
Then it was done being quilted and then I stretched over a frame I made.

That's what I have been up to for the last few days.


Gayle from MI said...

That's okay. I got a smart phone for the first time on Friday. After only two hours I had to take it back to the store. After the guy working there had been fiddling with it for about 15-20 minutes he asked me if there was anything I had to have on there. He put it back to factory settings for me. Only two hours :(

Sonia said...

Took my machine in for maintenance while out of the country. Have been back with it several times with various problems. Yesterday got it home for the umpteenth time and discovered it wouldn't sew at all. Back to the store in a huff only to discover that the bobbin winder was engaged. Since I have used the side winder for years I never use the bobbin winder on my machine and had all but forgotten what that button was for. Oh my, it is tough getting old. Some days everything is working just fine and other days.....not so much. Hang in there!