Friday, June 21, 2013


When I get back from the south, which is covered with all things floral,  I miss the sight of blooms and the smell too.  I put my vases out in a plastic container, next to the garage and Jane, my florist
who serves the community, drops by and picks them up.  Check out this one.  She has twigs (I believe it is weeping willow branches) that she ties together at the top with matching soft wire.
If you had the chance to be at Maggie's wedding, Jane did that too.  She knows that my favorite roses are sterling and so gives me a treat of them every now and then.
She also gets a kick out of airbrushing flora every now and then.
So, as I said, I put my vases out mid week and on Friday they come back to me dressed to the nines.  It's the gift I give myself.

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