Friday, June 07, 2013

Caramel Sea Salt Cupcakes

Minneapolis here we come!

A couple weeks ago Micky had a taste for caramel sea salt cupcakes so I made her some.  She claimed to have loved them but I was skeptical so I decided to play around with the recipe.  I originally made chocolate/chocolate chip cupcakes.  I had some left that I froze so with these leftover cupcakes, I took caramel in a pastry bag and filled the inside of the cake (kinda like Hostess Cupcakes).  I then melted chocolate and spread it on the top of the cupcake

 and then rolled the top in crushed Heath/ Skor candy bars.  I made whipping cream with a little sugar
and caramel sauce to frost them with.  I sprinkled the top with sea salt.  They turned out great; super moist and easy.  Something fit for a sweet tooth, eh?


dee said...

OMG if I lived near you I would have to be rolled home.
Safe travels-hope it turns out to be a very fun weekend.

Robbie said...

If Micky really wants caramel and sea salt...stop at Costco and pick up a container of Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels! I'm sure you can get them from Sanders web site as well...but for a quick treat...head to Costco!