Monday, June 24, 2013

Chicago's IQA

 The International Quilt Association started up having a show in Chicago this year.  They had it for several years and then switched to Cincinnati.  This year they had both.  Except for the first year, I never made it to the Chicago show because of timing.  There was a lot of traveling quilts in the show so much of it was already seen by me in Houston.  It was lovely to see them again tho'.

This was the first one that caught my eye.  It is called 'Celestial Sunrise' and was done by Jean Smith.

This takeoff on a log cabin aptly named 'Around The Block' by Karen Eckmeier

Had lots and lots of detail; in the center of the blocks themselves, in the center of the quilt

and around the edges.  This must have taken a long time to complete.
'A Ripple In Time' by Jackie White was also very complicated.

The center petal thing was individual pillow cased 'petals' that were dimensional.

This machine reverse appliquéd piece is called 'Northern Lights 8' and is eighth in a series by Ann Bird.

This has to be a Nancy Crow graduate.  'Color Strips #1' was done by Lynda Faires.

I have more of the show to share at another time.  It was surprisingly empty, as compared to Houston.  I worked the SAQA booth and almost fell asleep with lack of visitors.  In Houston it is a beehive of activity.  They were supposed to have some of the 12" Silent Auction quilts there on exhibit but they never showed so that was one reason for lack of attention.  It would have been a good time for a book on tape!

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Corky said...

Love the quilts and look forward to seeing more photos. Thanks for sharing.