Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I wasn't gonna blog because frankly, I am in the process of double secret sewing and therefore really didn't have anything to blog. That is, until I got a request to have a bit of a tutorial on how to assemble the components for The Match Game. Here is the link where I showed the finished project but I will describe how I made them and then what I would have done differently in hindsight.

First up, the parts that go into one block.  I made them 3" and used white felt (use another color so dirt won't show as much.

I cut out a center square of 1 1/2" for each one.  The top white square is just the card stock I used to draw on the rear side of the block for a cutting line.  The fabric next to it is a two inch block that will show through the window.
So, here we have the frame and the frame's pattern.

First I was just gonna use front and back felt but it didn't feel strong enough, so I used what seems to be the same consistency of felt with fusible on one side that I happened to have (probably stiffener for a purse I bought way back when).  I ironed the fusible side to the back 3" square piece.  Then
I fused a 3" square of wonder under on the top of the two fused pieces and centered the 2" fabric on it and placed the frame over that, and ironed the whole group together.

I took them to the sewing machine and sewed the frame opening down and then the outside all around. After that I just neatened them up again with a trim.

Things I would have done different are the following:

I would have made all the pieces except for the fabric 3 1/2" so I could have trimmed more at the end and had a more pristine outer edge.

I would have used a darker color of felt so that I would not have had shadowing (the fabric showing through a bit around the frame.) and for dirt sake.

All of my center fabrics were circle prints but if I hadn't just made Violet an 'I Spy' for Christmas, I probably would have done fussy cut prints.  Eventually this game can be played by placing all of the blocks face down and then pick up, look at the design/picture, put back face down and try and remember the placement to match with the other one.  I believe that was the whole concept of that old tv show called 'Concentration'.

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