Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ellie Retired!

Last night we all celebrated with a party for our friend Ellie (in the center), who retired after thirty years of teaching third graders, at the end of the school year.  She is posed here with her sisters, Mary Ann and Nora.

These two partners in crime were the source of the shindig at Barbs, and Genie put in her fair share of the work.

Here is Genie and Mugs at the appetizer table, trying to force yet another plate on it.

The stuff that Barb has!  This drink robot will mix any of the top ingredients for some very tasty drinks.  It is called Margaritaville.  Everyone wants one now.

This is just a tiny sampling of the guests.

Barb has a new pizza oven that she is playing around with but hasn't mastered it enough to have a pizza party yet.

Instead we had pulled pork with the works for sides

and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  This is where I come in.

I got to prepare part of the strawberries.  They were so sweet that I didn't even need to add sugar.  They came directly from a strawberry farm.  They were tiny and so took lots of time to clean, buck and slice. It was well worth it!

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