Saturday, June 15, 2013

Go Hawks!

This is a first; I have been asked to attend game numero demux of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight.
I am feeling very guilty about it because I know there are a million people that would kill for my ticket. As it stands right this minute, I have a call in to my nephew who is to call me back.  I mentioned tonights game in the message and told him to call me back.  If I hear from him in a timely manner, and if he is free, he can have my ticket.  Otherwise, I will be attending the game.  Oh, dear, now what to wear.  Does it have to be red and black?  I may need to go shopping!

My BFF Kathy sent me this picture of a bichon (that desperately needs a bath and a hair cut!) surrounded my look alike cupcakes.  Maybe the dirty girl look was so she would look even more like the sweets.  My first thought was, wouldn't the dog tackle the cupcakes rather than just using them for a photo op?  I think I need to make these!

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Robbie said...

Kinda looks like my Kalee after we walk in the rain!!! UGH...she looks just as bad. But still cute. How about those cupcakes!! Way too cute!!