Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hawks Win!

Last night was quite the night. I attended a pre party that had a cowboy theme.
My BFF Nancy really does up the themes, much like someone else I know.

Even the front of the house was dolled up.

We were greeted at the door with a real saddle.  I never did find out where that came from.

All the while we were eating and drinking, there was a storm brewing.  Storms on Lake Michigan
are unlike a normal storm.

We didn't even see this limb down that crashed into our lawn chairs until this morning.  But none of that matters because the Chicago Blackhawks once again won the Stanley Cup!!!!!!! And it wasn't even in overtime!


Robbie said...

Amazing what you miss when have a 'few'! Like trees falling on your property! Too funny...BUT glad not damage or anyone hurt...now back to another glass of wine!

Robbie said...

Geezzz all the spelling areas in my first comment! Maybe I had too many glasses of wine! Geez...and my first glass isn't even half empty! (Yet!)