Monday, June 10, 2013

Husband and Wife

I am more than a little shocked that I managed to solve the dilemma of my router, modem, telephones and at&t booster (needed because we are on the lake).  It took me several hours and a trip to Office Max but after yesterday and this morning, I got back on line.  I actually happened on it almost in spite of myself!

It was the  first islam ceremony I had attended.  It was very similar to most wedding traditions, with a few exceptions.  It was short, not having communion.

The wedding we went to was lots of fun.  Here is a picture of G and me.  Our whole table was busy with our iPhone cameras.  I found out that even though the new phones have pretty great cameras, that moving people just don't make it on them.  I didn't get a good shot of bride, groom or a combination of them.  After the Blackhawk game started all the guys had the game on their phone.  It was a very big game for Chicagoans.  Stanley Cup, here we come!

Something new at this wedding was the guest book.  It was adorable.  It was a book made out of Tim and Razaan going all over Minneapolis with a photographer

The pictures were spaced (except front and back) so that there was plenty of places to write words of wisdom.  Lots of my pictures didn't turn out.   I won't leave my 35 mm behind anymore!
These flower groupings were at the end of the rows
of chairs where we viewed the ceremony.
The tables were lovely; the theme was white and royal mainly.

This si the top part of the cake.  The rest was taken away to cut

to fit on this dessert plate along with baklava and a chocolate dipped strawberry.  Yum!

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Robbie said...

Good pic of you and your roommate!!! Love the dessert pics too...yum!