Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just Breathe

I ended up not going to the Hawks game; and just as well, I would have thought I was the jinx and would have blamed myself for their loss. We still have a long way to go, so we are not worried.

I have come out of my three day funk this morning.  On Thursday I went to the doctor for an X-ray.  While doing the vitals (although thankfully the nurse asked for my weight -I lied and my height - I told the shrinking truth -rather than humiliating me with my very heavy clothing and shoes on) she took my blood pressure.  She asked me if I had a history of high blood pressure and I said truthfully that I did not but I did mention that the last time I was at the hospital for my Prolia injection that the nurse asked the same thing and took it three times before she was confident enough that it wasn't stroke friendly.  I chalked it up as a fluke and thought nothing of it.  This nurse was having none of that.  She took it again and it wasn't any better.  She told me to get in touch with my primary doctor within a weeks time and that this
stat post it she gave me was her insurance that I was notified that I had days to live.  I gotta tell you, it scared me a bit.  So much so that when Micky and I were shopping yesterday afternoon and we were at a boutique where they were handing out mimosas and bloody mary's, I actually took a pass.  I discussed my dilemma with anyone that would listen and got lots of advice.  I kept getting questions as to symtoms  like being dizzy, things like that; nothing.  Micky said that she would lend me her blood pressure taker and to document the readings along with time of day and diet.  She showed me how to read it.  We did it a couple times and it wasn't as high as it was with the nurse, but it was nothing to be proud of.  

I got home and started looking for something to eat that was sodium friendly and found nothing.  My life as a wino eating french fries was dissapearing  before my very eyes.  Afternoon melted into early evening and with a ittty bitty glass of wine, I started my internet search to see how I could change my life style without giving up everything.  Most of what I read pretty much didn't apply to me.  Then I started going into it farther and the first thing that really seemed to click with me was breathing.  G has always been after me to not hold my breath.  Especially while lifting weights; I never breathe and I don't know why.  I also never breathe when I get a shot or things like that.   My stint with the red tide in Florida didn't do me any favors, respiratory wise.

So, I gave it a shot.  I sat down with the thing on my arm and took normal breaths.

Good, but not great.  So then I did it again after sitting for a couple minutes instead of finishing up cleaning  the studio.  I sat down and uncrossed my legs and stopped gripping the chair arms and breathed.
It was an eye opener.
And again, it was clearly a breathing (or rather a not breathing) issue for me.  I must say that I was scared and I am going to rethink some of my bad eating habits.  On the whole I think I am pretty good but some of the stuff I eat (like Lean Cuisines) aren't doing me any favors.  I won't pitch the ones I have but I will shop a little wiser in the future.  Hey, I guess we all need a reality check once and a while.

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Susan Turney said...

I went through the same thing! A week of thinking my life as I knew it, was over. Then I went to the internist and he put me on medication. Now I take one a day with my vitamin and don't even think about it. It did take several tries to get the right medication but its now been working for years. I know there are several things I could do to probably improve it on my own but jeez....I'd rather have that good food and wine!