Sunday, June 23, 2013


I never got around to blogging yesterday.  We have had company for a few days.  They were in the process of leaving yesterday.  That takes time.  Then there was the IQA show that I was attending in Rosemont, Illinois that I was also scheduled to work a couple hours at and so an early retreat in the morning was in the cards for me.  By the time I got home it was evening and my kids were here  and the Hawks were playing and Micky's newborn dog was born; a very busy day!

These were the visiting kids, John, Kate, James and Calvin, at the ready to take their packed breakfast bags and hike down the beach.  This was planned ahead of time due to the fact that their mom's thought they would be up at six a.m.  Not the case,  in fact.  I was up before them. The sun and surf tire out the best of them. So they still followed the plan and hiked to the local breakfast bar for a dessert donut.

They enjoyed two days in the sun and sand, digging a very big hole.

Then for dinner I got out the big pot (18" wide and 24" tall)  for my
famous frogmore stew.

We covered the table with newspaper, added pie tins for plates, ball jars for drinks
and condiments of yellow mustard, stone ground mustard, horseradish, cocktail sauce, s & p and butter.
Then the boil was drained and dumped into the center of the table.  It consisted of kielbasa, shell on shrimp, baby button red potatoes and hunks of fresh corn.  It was a big hit.

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