Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Morn

I gave this breathing thing some thought and I decided that, although I can get my blood pressure normal by breathing, it's not good because I can prepare by breathing for the test to come out right but it real life, I am not breathing correctly anymore so I need to deal with that.  I already have made the call to my primary doctor but they weren't even opened yet.  I am definitely following through with this.  

I have cut out the parts to 30 paper pieced 10 inch cat blocks for the Humane Society auction.  I have a good start on them and will finish up the block construction this week.


Robbie said...

My hubby was having the same issue last fall...Dr. told him to reduce the beer intake (1 glass for women -wine or other and men can have two!)...he also told him to take a yoga class or meditate...of course he isn't doing any of above...but the breathing is similar to getting your body to relax...I'd venture to say you are a type A, have a glass of wine a day, do some yoga, deep breathing and just get in that habit. Don't stress over it...that won't help! But do keep track now and then....and see your dr.

JJO said...

There is a yoga class sponsored by the La Porte YMCA in LongBeach. They meet on Saturday mornings at 8:30 a.m. My daughter teaches the class and it just started last week.