Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Naperville Modern Quilt Guild

If I still lived in Wheaton, Illinois, I would definitely join the Naperville Modern Quilt Guild. Seeing some of their challenge quilts at the show this weekend, I thought they were right up my alley. I was quilting when the kids were little and we moved from Wheaton when Maggie (now 33)  was 12, but as yet I was not doing art quilts. This contemporary guild would have gotten me right on track.
This whole collection was called 'A Modern Spin On The Log Cabin'.  It appears as tho' there was a size restriction as well because now that I think about it, they all looked the same size and square.  This first one and second one are both done by Catherine Redford.  This green one is called 'Spring Will Come Again'.
Her second one (my favorite) is called 'The Long Winter'.  She definitely has warm weather on her mind!

Pat Wright did her adaptation of 'Lincoln's Logs'.
Adele would love this; it's called 'SkyFall' by Sharon Maroni.

This looks like something I have already made.  I feel my color sense in this.  It is named 'Improv Logs' by Svetlana Sotak.

This is called 'House Dance' by Sarah Sainsbury and these represent my favorites out of the whole collection.

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