Thursday, June 06, 2013

Nothing Noteworthy

I can't even believe it but I have nothing to blog.  I have been busy breaking in a new, young, wonderful housekeeper.  I have been catching up with gift making that is not to be blogged at this time. I have had a Mindy Project Marathon with Micky.

We leave tomorrow for the weekend for yet another Minnesota wedding.  Maybe that will be eventful.  In the mean time I am walking Bella on the beach and watching the rascal fox that lives in the neighborhood dash in and out of our lawns.

Hey, I am not complaining!

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Robbie said...

I too haven't had anything to blog about! But I have been busy finishing up my 12"square(s)!! I have to take with me to my fiber mtg next monday, then I can get in the mail! Yipee!! Enjoy your wedding! I'm sure you'll have some great pics to show when you get back!