Friday, June 28, 2013


Micky and I hit the road yesterday for a sleepover in Saugatuck, Michigan. She booked a room for us on the main drag of town with all the stores on it.  It was apparently the last available room. It was quite a shock to see the lack of amenities and a tiny room with a queen sized bed we had to share. We did shopping and dinner and came back to the room and looked at each other and said, let's go home now. We ended up not leaving due to the fact that we bought some kitchen floor mats that we didn't want to carry around while shopping and so were picking them up in the morning (a couple hours from now). We were up and dressed and looking for coffee at 5:05 a.m.  We happened on a coffee shop in Douglas, MI, (not even a mile away) that was opened and had a few old timers (yeah, older than us) and after getting beverages we sat down by the front door and realized that they weren't due to open for another hour and a half. We walked for an hour and I have lots of pictures that haven't been downloaded yet.

When we had company last week, one of the kids was Kate, a ten year old. She was very interested in everything in the studio and she when she spied Sewphie, a doll I made easily ten or more years ago, she fell in love.
She was very faded and the buttons on her shoes were long picked off by Violet.  I asked her if she would like the doll and after much refusal, she caved and accepted it graciously.  We then went to work going through jars of buttons to find just the right ones to adorn her shoes.  Then we decided a purse full of buttons was needed for her to carry.  There was quite a bit of bonding in the studio that night.

Next day I found this letter on my computer desk.
I hope you can read this.  If not, click on it and I think it will get bigger.  It was so sweet and I was very touched.  She is quite the artist too!  And true to her plans,
here is Sewphie, on Kate's nightstand.  What a cutie!


Gayle from MI said...

The doll AND the entire set of books on the night stand make my heart sing!!!

dee said...

You really are a treasure. How lovely to see the doll go to such an adorable girl. Nice!

Thanks for the party photos from yesterday and look....a Regina sighting!!

Robbie said...

How adorable...she must have great parents as examples...very sweet...and sweet of you to part with the doll as well.