Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shopping Spree

Yesterday was kind of a lost day. I started blood pressure meds and my pressure dropped to 97/61. I have been diagnosed with chronic asthma and until we get that under control, I was worried about my sky high pressure so I asked for the meds. I took the first one Friday afternoon and skipped yesterday (on purpose and with guidance). I just took my second. Time will tell. I spent the day in bed. Hopefully I won't do that again any time soon.

Here's the picture of our room in Saugatuck.  You can see that the bed is inches from the wall.  What you can't see

is that there is about a foot in front of the bed to get into the bathroom.  The itty bitty table on the other side (it's partially cut off) has just enough wall space for a door to open in without knocking the table down.  The price?  $189 before all that add on costs.  What a racket!  They saw us coming.  We have also decided that, except for a couple places, Saugatuck is not the same place we used to go to every year for twenty years.  It seems old and guess what?  That's because we are getting old!  The demographics of the place have stayed the same where most places don't.  I couldn't have figured that out on my own.  Micky gave it a lot of thought and came up with that.

There are still very clever things around town.

This two tier sofa table has an old pair of cut down water skis for the top.  It looks cuter than this picture because the pic shows all the clutter and crap on the table whereas in person you can overlook it.

I just fell in love with this flower shop name.  There are a lot of very clever people out there.

In a clothing store where we spent a lot of time looking and purchasing, I noticed the stools in both

dressing rooms and at the front counter.

One was cuter than the next.  This would be an amazing project to do with a kid.  It would be fun to gather all the stuff together and then, depending on the age, you as a grownup would do the attaching exactly where the kid showed you where to put what.  I just love this idea.  It would even be a terrific
idea for a girls birthday.  You wouldn't have to use pricy stools; I would have each parent bring their own (I'm thinking wood) and you could supply the STUFF.   If anybody would like pictures of these stools and can't seem to download (for your future ideas folder), email me and I will get them right off to you.
This was an impossible picture to take with the shrubbery around.  It is something that any of us could do.  The base is a metal pole (like rebar) and then plastic beads are strung on wire and has lots of shoots of these beaded wires that move in the wind.  You could also attach a few little bells for some tinkering sounds.  It looked very whimsy.

This short hutch caught my eye because of it's unique shape and design.  The owner of this has got to be a quilter!

This appears to be made by the same artist.  I wish I hadn't cut off the top of the bird.  It's a table decoration made up of a couple books, a group of piano keys topped off with a wooden bird with a key in it's mouth.  Back in the day, when I still had room to put it, it would have been in the trunk in a couple minutes.

We'll end the day's shopping with this very toothy fish, made of all things; a crutch. Make sure you enlarge this (double click on the photo) to see the components.

That's it for now; I have lots more.

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