Saturday, June 01, 2013

Summertime! Yeah!

This is normally my mantra but, at least temporarily, I have gone over to the other side.

I  had the great pleasure of having an afternoon cocktail with the quilters a couple weeks ago and chose the drink of the day.

It consisted of grapefruit juice and blood orange vodka.  I picked up some yesterday.  I chose Skyy but I know that there is another brand of it too.  I chose ruby red grapefruit, first because it is my favorite, and second, because it was only 50 calories for a cup.

One thing led to another and somehow with the mix of these two drink ingredients,

some girlfriends, and a game of Sequence,

we managed to brush off the whole juice bottle and a healthy portion of the vodka.  The girls of summer!!!


Claudia said...

Atta Girl! You Indiana babes make us all proud!

Robbie said...

My kind of gal! Have you ever tried a Paloma?? It's made with grapefruit juice or Fresca...check it out on 'google'...really good replacement for a margarita (from time to time!)