Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sunday Musings

The Blackhawks are in the playoffs so that means the G is gone a lot.  It gives him something to do until he gets his knee fixed, because he can't golf.  He has a doctor's appointment tomorrow to read his MRI and see what's up.  I, on the other hand, have successfully gone through a TB test and waiting for other results in order to start Enbrel.  Me and Phil Mickelson.  I love getting old!

This is the beginning of a baby quilt top that my sis started this weekend.  It is very soothing looking.

G is going to see the girls today before the game so I decided to  make her more for her match game.  Originally, I didn't know if she would like it or not so I limited the game to 15 pairs, and now that I know she loves it, I made her 15 more pairs.   I kept with the circle theme.

It's gray, windy, and gonna stay in the 60º's today.  My kinda day.

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