Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Thanks everyone!  I appreciate all the great ideas about blood pressure.  I know I surpass any wine limit a day; that's a given.  But I managed to do that with the top bp under 120 and the bottom under 80 for 62+ years, or rather when I became friends with wine, in my 30's and I want to try and still manage without meds.  I went to the doctor yesterday and gave her my full spiel.  I gave a urine sample, had an EKG and go in today for a echo and a breathing test.  I guess I should have been using my inhaler after what I thought was the finished bout of red tide.  I will figure it out.  Hopefully that will be without yoga.  I am so not the yoga type.  I would rather go to boot camp!

Check this out.  This is the view from my back deck of the Chicago skyline as of

8:27 and 12 seconds last night.  I had a zoom lens on the 35 mm.  I don't know what is altering the view of Chicago but you can see easily twice as much of the skyline as you could a few years ago.  Maybe water level?  Don't know.  This next picture was taken

at 8:27 and 21 seconds; just nine seconds after the first picture and as close (camera wise) as eight inches to the right of the first skyline picture.  Isn't that unbelievable?  If I hadn't taken the pictures (and I had witnesses of G and Micky) I would say there is no way they were next to each other.  There was almost a funnel storm going on just to the right of the sunset pic too.  I didn't notice it until I put the camera down.  I know that Micky got a pic of it.

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