Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Overnight

Micky and I are in Chicago for an overnight.  After indulging in soft shell crab for a late lunch yesterday at Hugo's Frog Bar, we did the Hotel Tonight App and got a splendid room at the Dana Hotel, a sleek boutique refurbished hotel.  It is the bomb.  It has free wifi, a bunch of bars, one being a rooftop and other amenities.

We never made it to the bars due to the fact that we thought it was the finale of The Batchlorette, (which I don't even watch) but after enduring most of the two hours, Chris Harris informed us that due to all the DRAMA the finale is two parts and the real real last show is next week.

We intend to return some stuff to Nordstrom's this morning, do a power walk and after some more coffee, hit the Museum of Modern Art.

It's all a good thing!


Irene said...

You even got TWO beds!

Robbie said...

Wow...you get to go to MOMA! cool!!! I just watched a documentary on Marina Abramovic and her "The Artist is Present" showing. You have to rent/watch on HBO/or wherever this movie. Quite interesting art form!!! In your 'spare time!'...ok...whenever...check my blog post on this documentary: