Monday, July 08, 2013

Back To Saugatuck

Most of the cleanup for the holiday is well under way.  I am not rushing.  It all gets done in the end.

I still have lots of pictures of places and things I have gone to so let's go back to Saugatuck.

This stuff all is from my favorite store in Saugatuck.  It is called Good Goods.  I have made many a purchase from it.  Check out this very unique pairing of a traditional hutch and a zoomy shelf unit attached to it.

I believe this is the same artist that did the short hutch and the table with a while  I blogged before; like nothing I have seen before.

I'll bet the guy who owned the wrenches is wondering where they went!

These various heads are cool and at the same time, for me at least, kinda creepy.  I am taking a wild guess and saying that the artist may be a cat lover (or hater!)

I love this free form vase.  I used to have some pieces (a soup tureen and a tray) that could have been made by the same artist; that is if they were making them thirty years ago.

This clever wooden fish seems to have caught himself some whimsy to eat.

They had tons of these found art robots.

It would be very fun to get just oodles (did I just say oodles?) or various found objects and get a bunch of kids together to make a statue.

I am pretty confident they could come up with things that I would never

have thought of in a million, billion years.  I think that would be a great

project for a grade school art teacher.  Do they still do art classes in grade school?

This wall hanging is made with wire and string.

This stampede is made by the same artist.  Amazing.

And to finish up the post, I think this artist had a little Alice in Wonderland in mind when she created this fun, flirty piece.


Susan Turney said...

I love that you posted all these wonderful pieces. That store would be a favorite of mine, too.

Gayle from MI said...

I want to go Saugatuck some time. I have heard there are some nice places to stay in Douglas that aren't an arm and a leg. Maybe next year.