Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Chicago IQA

It's that time of year again! The flags are out and the cupcakes turn red.  I have lots of preparation to do

for for the holiday and the guests will start piling in soon.  Can't Wait!

Let's go back to the Rosemont Convention Center and see some more quilts.
This caught my eye because it is a technique that I learned in a Katie Masopust class in Houston that I have never tried again.  It looks cool doesn't it?  It is made by Susan Cane and is called 'Mabel-1952 REO'

It has lots of fine detail.

This is appropriately titled 'Tuning Fork #6' because it is sixth in a series by Heather Pregger that uses the tuning fork shape and changes it up all the time.

'Intersections' by Diane Melms is also aptly named.

When I look at this quilt I think of a tree of life.  I love the color movement.  It was done by Anita Welty and is named 'Panta Rhei - AL is flowing', whatever that means!

On close inspection, it appears to be machine appliquéd.

This quilt is very dramatic.  It was done by Hiromi Yokota and is called 'Late Autumn'.

There is a variety of block configurations and some large print appliqué from pre printed fabric.

This maybe a twist on court house steps.  I have forgotten a lot of the traditional blocks I used to know.

I know from a show of Alex Anderson's long ago,  that this using commercial florals, cut out and appliquéd has a name but I forgot what it is.  I even googled it but I am sure I was too wordy as usual in my description.

I just remembered and it's not the type of quilting but what they call the quilts themselves. Cinch quilts are quilts that are pretty much whole cloth quilts with parts of printed fabric appliqued on them.  There, I remembered.

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Sonia said...

Tommy, I think the term you are searching for is broderie perse. Thanks for these quilts pics. Just stunning.