Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cool Wedding Stuff

This is the newly married couple we got to see tie the knot last night.  It is my BFF Anne's son Jason and his lovely spouse Sarah.  The wedding was outside, which on a normal day would be fine, but it was 65º and blustery.  Thankfully, I took a spring coat so I didn't suffer but there were lots of goose bumps to be seen during the short service.

The altar was strewn with hydrangea as well
as the flower arrangements on the tables.

This was how you got your table seatings.  I got to it well into the wedding so it was pretty picked over.

It was very cool and decorated with mosses and succulents.

Here are us quilters; the mother of the groom Anne next to me and then there is Jean Ann and Peggy up front.  We will all be getting together here, next weekend for our sweatshop session.
Speaking of quilters, there had to be a quilt of some sort involved in this wedding.  These
two bowls have first blank fabric (on freezer paper) for the guests to sign and the other bowl holds the completed guest signatures.  Cool idea, eh?  I love the idea.  The rectangles are 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 which is our go to scrap quilt size so these can be intermingled with other fabric.

I love the graphics of these  place cards .
The menu was on  the front of a bag that just so happen

to have a small loaf of bread in it.

The favor was a plastic see through box with an engraved J (for their last name) on top of an iced brownie.  Mine is in the refrig, waiting for the perfect moment to eat it.

The cake was simple and elegant.  We had a grand time.

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