Sunday, July 14, 2013

Floatation Device

I did a little experiment yesterday with my camera lenses.  Our neighbor has this floating mat that looks like tons of fun and so I took a picture of it with a couple of people and a couple dogs on it from

my deck.  You can barely make it out so I
changed the lens to a zoom lens

that my sister let me borrow a couple years ago and I still have it.  The problem with the zoom is that it is very difficult to keep steady with it's awkward length. The picture came out blurry but you can make out the two people and two dogs.

This picture was taken with the regular lens but them I photoshopped it and cropped it.  I like this better than the zoom.

Anyway, this mat can hold up to 1600 pounds and is an inch and a quarter thick and made of closed cell foam.  It is about 6 ft. by 20 ft.  I said I immediately wanted one when I saw it but we looked it up and they are $900.  Not this year.  I will wait until they are around for awhile and then the price will plummet; hopefully.

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