Saturday, July 06, 2013

Food; Glorious Food!

We tried a baby back rib technique that I saw on Diners, Drive In's and Dives.  They were highly successful.  You mix Old Bay Seasoning, salt and pepper and paprika and rub on the front and back
of the ribs.  You then wrap them in plastic wrap

securely so that they are completely covered.  You place them in a  preheated oven set at 225º.
They stay in the oven for about two hours, give or take.  When they come out you unwrap them and
either eat with barbeque sauce or not.

We put on sauce on some of them and broiled them in the oven.  Yum!

We also took artisan bread (what ever that is) and made deep slits in it, just enough to not cut through the bottom.  In the slits went butter, provolone, green onion and herbs.  It was the bomb.
Maggie's favorite cake is a angel food cake, split in three layers (this was store bought; much easier!) and frosted with a combination of whipped cream laced with mandarin oranges and strawberries.  Double yum.


Robbie said...

OK, what happened to all the recipes that used to be on your side bar??? Love the cake..need to take something to DIL's tomorrow..might just try that...

Irene said...

Much as I enjoy seeing pictures of food, you haven't posted any pictures of your darling granddaughters in ages. We need a Violet and Charlotte fix please Tommy!

Cindra said...

The great thing about these recipes is that they "appear" to be so easy. Now that I am closer to all my kids I am going to have to start trying these out. I finally have someone to cook for!

Sandra said...

did these get cooked in the saran wrap??

Gayle from MI said...

I should have come to your house for my Birthday!