Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty

It ended up being too hot and muggy to keep the house opened and anytime the air conditioning goes on, I get cold.   
So it was perfect for me to bind and finish the charity cat quilt.  It measures 85 x 104.  Because it isn't a baby quilt,

it was decided the button eyes would be cute.  Thanks Claudia!


debj said...

I love the cats!

debj said...

Love the cats.

debj said...

Sorry for the duplicate comments. I got tired of not being able to respond to your comments so today I took the time to correct that. There has been some trial and error in this process.

Claudia said...

Very nice looking. Now I feel that the searching for matching buttons was certainly worth the time. It looks great. Glad I could help