Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Holiday Crafting

Even with all the sun and fun and food and laughs, we still managed to
 get a little time in the studio.  I would like to call this down time.  It is relaxing and a stress inhibitor.  I finished the blocks for the charity quilt, and it is now ready to quilt.
My sis Mike, designed these placemats and cut them out and sewed together six of them.  They are ready to quilt.

Mike, Claud and I were busy making cards when we went out for a libation and who joined us at the table but Bella.  She was just wanting to be with the girls for a bit.  Prior to that, she was on baby detail;  she likes to lick their feet.

Claudia was on 'button button, who's got the button' detail for the cat eyes.  Violet was originally set to the task but she got a bit sidetracked, by wanting to count the buttons.  Mike kept trying to take over the job, but in the end, Claudia did a masterful job of it all.  All the cats will have a choice of eye color.  The buttons will not be sewn down until after it is quilted.  It makes for a much easier job.

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Robbie said...

I bet you could have a good time in a black box!