Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Felt Like Rocky

We went to gold fish races last night.  It was a hoot.  It's a most excellent way to jazz up the neighborhood bar scene.  For three bucks you get to pick a goldfish and put it in a little cooler, and wait your turn.  There is a real big board where they write down the fish names and in groupings of two you race your goldfish against another persons.

This was our table with the competition fish just waiting for their minute of glory.

You have to name your fish.  There was lots of fish competing so the good names (Goldie, Wanda) were taken.  In honor of Red Tide, I named this guy Floater.

The race was done in two gutters that were connected together.
The starting stalls were improvised.  The troughs were filled with water.

The fish go into the starting stall when their name is called.  Each race takes about 15 seconds.

Here you can see the gutters balanced on two tables.

That's Micky at the starting gate.  Each person gets a spray bottle filled with water.  It is good incentive for the fish to get going with a little stream of water on their tails.

Pretty exciting!  It's my turn.  I have spray bottle in hand, Floater is in position and
down the lane we go.
Here you see Floater making me proud by going over the finish line first.

It was a proud day for me.  Unfortunately it's an elimination and the next time I was up, my fish was confused and by the time he left the starting block (it was going around in circles) the competition won. Bottom line, the winners go against each other until there is the last man standing.  The prize is the money and I will bet that there were 70 people playing.  That's over 200 bucks for just having fun.  I like the odds.


Susan Turney said...

Who comes up with these things? This is the best! What fun and what a great way to meet the neighbors. You know that everyone there was there to laugh and have a good time! I have to file the idea away for the future!

Robbie said...

OK, I have to ask! What happened to the fish after everyone collected their money!!