Friday, July 05, 2013

I Love A Parade !

The biggest thing in my neighborhood for the entire year is 4th of July.  It starts the day before with a free ice cream social put on my the fire department.   All the strollers are taken out and dusted off and hit the road.  It's a very fun time.The next morning cracks with the sound of many many people taking their spot on a ten block route for the neighborhood parade.

It is a sight to see,  You have never seen so many kids in your life.  It's as if they recruited them just for

the holiday.  I even had on red, white and blue.

Families get together and make a parade float

based on the ideas that have had milling around their head since last year's parade.

They are usually made around the under carrier which is a golf cart.

As you can see, I happened to be behind a very dramatic parade watcher.

The families on the cart usually have bags of candy that they throw out to the crowd.

One float was better than the next.

The local Stanley Cup win had a lot of the cart themes.
But then, so did the Flintstones!
I gotta wrap this up so I am just gonna show the pictures of the other pics I took.

This isn't even a fifth of the carts going by in front of me.  It is a real fast parade tho;  it lasts no longer than a half hour.
Some people really get into it.

This young man, obviously named Jack, wanted to show me his loot from the parade.
After the end of the parade everyone heads over to the beer and brat tents where the civic club has
been getting ready for the crowd for weeks.

On our walk back home I just had to take a picture of this house we passed.  It is irresistible !

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Robbie said...

What a nice day! And I got to see it all and not leave the couch!! Thanks!!!