Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's Been A Long Time!

Apart from my scrap quilts, I haven't played around with a traditional quilt pattern in years.  I am just about to start a new series based on something that I did a few years ago and never felt satisfied with the end result but my social life seems to be getting in the way just now.  In the interim I thought I would use a pattern I bought at the Chicago International Quilt Festival.  I tend to still buy patterns, but I rarely do anything with them.
This is the quilt top I finished a couple days ago and it measures  about 63 x 80.  I had it up on the design wall and immediately noticed that the very first block on the top left was different from all the others.

I can't believe that out of the 60 blocks I made (only 48 of which I used), there was only one that was wrong and that was the first one I used.  What are the chances of that?  So I got my trusty seam ripper out and took out the offending quarter of a circle and
replaced it with a pieced section (I have lots left over) that was going the correct way.  It is now ready for quilting.  I think that circles may be in order.


Gayle from MI said...

What a stunning quilt! Lucky you! I did a wedding ring that had a mariners compass in the parts in the middle of the ring. I got one upside down and sideways in there somehow, but mine was more toward the middle of the quilt. Not a fun afternoon of ripping! That pattern would make a great scrap quilt too!

Claudia said...

Tommy, I love that quilt. Not sure why, but just love it. It really caught my eye.

Irene said...

Looks great. I would never have noticed that block in fact I stared at it for ages before I figured out what was wrong.

kathyf said...

Really, really lovely.