Sunday, July 21, 2013

Perfect Finger Food

I was just perusing Tommy Cooks, looking for something to make for a dinner party tonight when I

thought back in the spring about a great chicken tender recipe that my gal pal Maggie Z made at my house in Florida.  I couldn't remember what the name of it was so I just started to go down the blog pictures and there it was.  The are called Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites I guess occasionally I post something but forget to go through all the bells and whistles to get it in the side list.  I found it right away, saw the error of my way, and fixed the problem.  Now I know what to make today.

Did you know that sweat is odorless?  It's because of the moisture of sweat that immediately makes a breeding ground for bacteria, and that is what smells.  That, and lots of garlic.


Robbie said...

Can always count on you for some Trivia! Sweat...who knew! NOT me!

maggie z. said...

that's funny, cuz i'm making your "pesto" tasty on a hot day...