Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Pictures Taken At Quilt Merchants Mall

I love to shop at the vendor portion of quilt shows.  They seem to have all the coolest and new stuff that we just can't live without.  They are always trying to catch the average quilter's eye so they
change up how they display their fat quarters.  This triangular shape was new to me.

I am a big fan of the quilted placemat but all I can picture in the future of them if I made them was a wrinkled shrunken rectangle.  Therefore, I don't have any.

Here we have yet another display of kits of fabric that are still the triangles (same booth) yet they are positioned so that they end up being a star.

This is just a piece of fabric with fused circles on it that caught my eye.  They are part of a kit.

I wanted this iPod bag but it wasn't for sale.  It has the same fused circles on a heavy sturdy felt fabric.  Where do we get this?
This a very cute table runner.  I love the color combo.
This is more than likely a quilt pattern but I didn't see it.  It's pretty cute if you ask me.

These little dishes (?) are something you can do with the paper or plastic based hexagons.  There was a whole section just for paper foundation hexes.  That's it.

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