Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some Pictures

Here we have Bella looking non committal in a photo shoot for a newspaper ad for the dog days of summer and Micky's real estate business.

Oh, and I almost forgot my BFF Mary Frances, an up and coming realtor, is also in the photo!
I spent the morning printing out my business cards.  I was running very low, both here and in Florida.
This boat took a long time going by my back yard windows.  The water was glass so there was no water movement or air movement to help.  It was a beautiful sight, none the less.

Micky's baby was born.  She gets one of these golden doodles in the fall.  I think they are a month old now and they got to eat dog food a couple days ago.  There were 14 in the litter.  The dogs go through temperament testing in a couple weeks.  Micky wants her girl to be a service dog.

I purchased these sticky rollers (the picture is missing another purse roller) at the quilt show awhile back.  They are wonderful and washable.  They are so strong that they can pick up buttons, coins as well as hair and crumbs.  Great purchase.

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Irene said...

Those puppies are adorable. Just a word of caution - I bought some of those sticky rollers too and they are great for a lot of things. However, I used it on a painted wall that had some thread on it and it took off the thread, as well as some of the paint!!!