Saturday, July 13, 2013


Not ten miles from where we live, a six year old boy was swallowed up in a sinkhole at Mt. Baldy, in the Indiana Dunes and was covered by 11 feet of sand. The family originally started digging for him but when they realized it was futile they called 911 and eventually earth movers came in and after 3 and a half hours, they got the boy out and airlifted him to Chicago. I have no clue what his condition is but I am assuming he was alive. Wow, a day at the beach is even risky!

I spent most of Thursday going over and retyping the notes I took at a two day class last fall for my long arm.  I had readied the cat quilt for quilting and all of a sudden I was leery of my skill and so had to get reacquainted.  One thing led to another and now my sis and I are taking another two day class in September to get even better qualified to use the machine.  My notes are all in order, although I don't really know what half of them mean, hence the refresher.

I did manage to get the cat quilt quilted and last night I just got started with the binding.  That will probably be put on the back burner tho' because the next eight days are supposed to be 86ยบ and having a queen sized quilt on your lap is not the best feeling in the heat.  It appears to be another perfect day in paradise.

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