Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Lake

We were very sad yesterday to hear of Dennis Farina's passing.  He was a figure to behold.  When we first started coming to the lake, Dennis lived within three blocks of our house and he was a guy who liked to take a walk every day.  He could have easily been in the booth next to us in a restaurant.  He was unassuming and just a nice guy.  Before his fame as an actor, he was a Chicago cop for twenty years.  G's dad and brother and sister in law were all cops in Chicago too.  He was only 69.  I sure loved his hair.  I am glad he has been doing the commercials for somecable thing or  dish or whatever so we got to see him on the tube lately. RIP, Denny.

As Violet calls it, our 'ocean' definitely has a mind of it's own.  Here is a picture I took off my deck

and showed you a couple days ago.  We often have a very mild, beautiful, aqua Lake Michigan.  Then we have the step sister visiting, like now,
that rears her ugly head and turns up the sandy bottom and makes the water look muddy and violent.  There has been no one walking on the beach for a couple days.  There are warnings everywhere, Chicago and here in Indiana telling everyone not to go into the water as the riptides are deadly.  We always have summer casualties and it's always horrible because it is always preventable.

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